Gadget season is here — new folding phones, watches and earbuds are coming – CNBC

Gadget season is here — new folding phones, watches and earbuds are coming – CNBC

Apple launches the iPhone 13 in the UK

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Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and other firms are teeing up for a busy fall filled with lots of new gadget launches.

It’s like clockwork. Big tech companies launch the latest products, like phones, watches, or even robots and flying security drones, beginning in August and up through November, to gear up for the holiday shopping rush.

Samsung kicks it off next week, on August 10, when it will announce new folding phones, giving it a chance to attract consumers before Apple holds its iPhone event in September. The new products at Apple’s fall events have a direct impact on the company’s balance sheet. The holiday quarter is typically Apple’s biggest. It reported record revenue last year for the three months ended Dec. 25, for example.

Meanwhile, Google has promised to launch its next phone with a brand new chip, and its first Apple Watch competitor, this fall. And don’t forget Amazon: It typically announces new Echos, Fire TV products and sometimes tosses in a few surprises, like last year’s Astro Robot, at an event held sometime between September and November.

There’s a lot, so here’s a rundown of what to expect.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2


Here’s what to expect: Samsung will debut the next generation of its foldable smartphones — the teasers have confirmed that — including the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Customers can already reserve one of these new smartphones, even though they haven’t been announced yet. Some of the chief complaints surrounding foldable phones have been the price of the higher-end Galaxy Z Fold model and the obvious seam that interrupts the phone’s display. Any price drop or upgrades to make the fold less obvious will be notable. Samsung typically announces new earbuds, tablets and smartwatches to compete with Apple’s iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch, too.

Here’s what it launched last August: Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which was priced at $1,799 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $1,000. It also announced the Galaxy Buds 2 headphones and the Galaxy Watch 4.


Customers walk past a digital display of the new green color Apple iPhone 13 pro inside the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, in New York, March 18, 2022.

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Here’s what to expect:

Apple’s reportedly planning four iPhone 14 models this year, according to Bloomberg, which said we can expect new features like an always-on display on the higher-end Pro models. The same report said Apple may ditch the 5.4-inch iPhone mini and instead launch a more affordable big-screened iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen. That suggests Apple will launch an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 with a bigger screen, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro …….